Ninja Talent




and earn up to €50 for each evaluation

Who are Ninja Master?

They are experts, with years of experience and a proven track record, in charge of evaluating each new Ninja talent. They are recognised worldwide for their knowledge in the technology sector.

When a Ninja Master acquires the necessary experience as an evaluator, he/she becomes a Ninja Legend, where he/she can evaluate Ninjas and also Ninja Masters.

In addition, for each evaluation earns up to €50!


Ninja Master

His knowledge enables him to assess ninjas.



Can evaluate Ninja and Ninja Master.

Niveles Ninja Experts

You can upgrade from Ninja Master to Ninja Legend level, through various paths such as:

  • Years of experience as an evaluator
  • The number of assessed
  • Number of detected Ninjas
  • Number of Ninjas hired by companies

Meet the Ninja Master

Método Ninja

Simple, fast and effective

1. Do the Code Challenge

2. Your Code Challenge will be evaluated by experts

3. Interview with Ninja Legend

4. Receive your Ninja Master certificate

Be a Ninja Master

1. Register on the form.
2. We will test your knowledge of Ninja Master.
3. You will start evaluating other Ninjas.

You will receive the recognition you deserve and you can earn up to €50 per assessment! You will be recognised as a Ninja Master in all official documents: reports and certifications.

Ninja Master evaluations

These are the technologies that the Ninja Masters have mastered and will be assessing


Java / Node / .Net / Python


Angular / React / Vue


API Connect

Cloud & DevOps

AWS / Azure